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The Surf Cookie Story



Cathy and Marlene met while surfing in Hawaii. They quickly became friends and began surfing together every day. But their surf sessions always seemed to end for the same reason - someone always got hungry.  

In the meantime, Cathy had started making protein cookies at home because of her various food allergies. There were not very many options available in the store that she could have, and those she did find were dry, contained a lot of sugar, or simply did not taste that good. Cathy made it her mission to create a great tasting protein cookie. She experimented with different ingredients and formulations until she found a recipe that she loved.

One day in Waikiki, Cathy told Marlene about her cookies. She thought if they ate a cookie out on the water when they started to get hungry, they could stay out longer and catch more waves. She offered to bring some cookies out to try. But the next morning, Cathy was faced with a problem: How could she carry the cookies in the water and out to the surf line up? She was wearing a bikini with no pockets. She had no way to carry anything. So, she fashioned a makeshift pouch with a Ziplock bag that she found in her car and paddled out to the line-up with the cookies. 

Marlene was intrigued by Cathy’s makeshift pouch and said she could do better. Marlene bought a sewing machine and began creating prototypes of waterproof gear bags to safely carry the cookies in the water. They started bringing cookies out to the line up every day and other surfing friends asked to try them too.  They were a huge hit and Surf Cookie was born!

Surf Cookies contain protein and all natural ingredients. Most importantly, they taste great and keep you going. Regardless of whether you are surfing, hiking, traveling, or on the go, Surf Cookies are a delicious, healthy, and indulgent snack to accompany you on your every-day adventures.  

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